OktoberFAST Fall Sprints News Brief

Chicago Region News Brief

The Advanced Autosports  / Elite Autosport Open Enduro comes to OctoberFast on October 22nd.




The Chicago Region changed the format for their October 22nd Enduro at Blackhawk Farms Raceway. The revised format has 4 distinct classes competing for the OctoberFast trophies.

Classes will be:
2) All Miatas (except those with engine swaps)
3) Closed cars under 2.XX liters
4) Closed cars over 2.XX liters

Rules: as stated in the event Supps:
All entrants are eligible (Yes, even non-members – weekend membership required)
Cars and drivers must meet GCR safety requirements
Pit stop and refueling rules as stated in the supps.

What is different – No Brackets.  Run for position, not time.

Register at msreg.com/fallsprints2017